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Dear Friends and Neighbors;

I have been honored to serve as your Select Board representative for the past three years and began the process of running for re-election on March 1st. By March 17th, the world as we know it was transformed. The current pandemic illness known as COVID 19 has challenged our quality of life. Schools, businesses, restaurants, athletic facilities, houses of worship and countless other establishments have been closed.

Milton Select Board has followed Massachusetts and declared a “State of Emergency” for Milton. The Town has had to make important decisions to protect vital aspects of our community. In this crisis, one of our main missions is to ensure the “continuity of government” in Milton.

Mid March, I temporarily suspended political efforts, but not my campaign, for re-election . The reason was simple; the Select Board’s job of supporting public health, our police officers and firefighters, and every other aspect of our community in this battle against the Corona Virus, is more important than campaigning for re-election right now. The date of our Annual Town Election has been changed to June 9, 2020 , but in the meantime, we have much work to do and there are many ways in which we can all come together and help our community .

In the short term, important questions face Milton: How will this affect our budgets? When will schools reopen? How will Town Meeting take place? Can it be conducted virtually? Spring is coming and people need to find safe ways to interact and keep themselves and their families healthy and safe. These are some of the important topics that are being addressed by the Select Board and much of the workload filling our current meetings.

My pride in the people who make Milton such a great place to live and work is very deep. Each day of this Covid-19 crisis, I have witnessed our Town Employees doing heroic work protecting our residents, especially seniors, from this virus as well as supporting critical resource efforts such as the Milton Residence Fund and the Milton Food Pantry. Many of our most vulnerable residents need our support more than ever. We also need to ensure sufficient resources for our critical public health staff who are aiding the victims and families of Milton residents battling COVID-19.

In addition to supporting our professional staff and community support organizations, I commend all of the owners and staff of Milton’s private businesses who are supplying food, medicine, and other vital supplies necessary for daily life. These heroes have found themselves thrust onto the “front line” as protectors of our community. Employees at local businesses like Milton Fruit Center Marketplace, CVS, Eagle Farms, Thatcher Farms and every neighborhood corner store are filling daily needs. I cannot imagine what life in Milton would be like right now without their efforts. I also want to thank the entire community for continuing to support our local restaurants as they are also vital to our residents and anchor our neighborhoods. I would never want to go back to a time when having an enjoyable dinner or a quiet drink in my own town is gone.

In closing, none of us knows when “normalcy” will return to Milton. I have faith and gratitude for our medical personnel, first responders, essential employees, private citizens, and my colleagues in Milton leadership. Please continue to reach out to me - together we can make a difference!

I am filled with hope that as each day passes, Milton will emerge stronger and more resilient than ever. God willing, a day will come soon when I can hold a campaign sign and ask you to re-elect me to theMilton Selectboard.   For now, my focus is to do the job you elected me to do; to help ensure the health and well-being of the citizens of Milton.

Until then, be safe!

With thanks and appreciation,

Richard G. Wells Jr.